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How to Send & Receive Skrill Payments

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Step by Step Instructions on How to Get Verified With Skrill & How Send Money With Skrill

Skrill Overview
Skrill is our preferred payment method. Skrill launched in 2001 and is trusted by over 36 million
customers around the world. It only takes 60 seconds to sign up and another couple minutes to verify
your account and send your payment.

1) Signup at Skrill
Click Here and then click Sign Up top right corner. Select personal unless you are a business owner.
If you're a business owner if you don't want to have a merchant account you'll want to select Expense account. Even if you are a business owner and do not plan to use Skrill regularly I reccomend to just select personal as business takes a LOT longer to get opened.

How to Get Verified at Skrill
a) Verify email then click Cards and Bank Accounts
b) Click Add Credit or Debit Card button
c) Fill out and click Save and verify card
d) Go back to Cards and Bank Accounts link in main menu.
e) Click Verify and enter the CVC code on the back of the card.
f) Log into online banking and check for the amount debited from Skrill.
g) Go back to Cards and Bank Accounts link in main menu
h) Click Finish Verification and enter the amount. If amount is not in USD you may need to convert it to USD or whatever amount shows there at then subtract 1.2%. For example $1.10 AUS -> 0.853892 USD. So round to $0.85 minus 1.2% = $0.84. If this doesn't work try 1 cent less a few times. You only get 3 tries till they make you wait 24 hours. Skrill really did a number making you do all this math instead of just giving a code or something. GRRR... If it still doesn't work after 3 tries you will need to call and let them know the situation. If you are not in US or UK you can dial toll free using Skype after selecting destination US:
US: 1-855-719-2087 / UK: 44 203 514 5562
i) Upload a clear scan or photo of your government issued ID along with proof of your name and address on the account such as a utility or electric bill here: > Select My Account > Verifications > Upload a Document > Locate the file on your PC or Device
For more information click here.

3) How to Send a Payment at Skrill
a) Go back to Account Overview and click Upload (gray button).
b) Select the Credit or Debit Card which you just linked to your Skrill account.
c) Click Continue
d) Enter the Amount and the CVC # on the back of your card.
e) Click Continue
f) Go back to Account Overview and click Send Money (yellow button)
g) Enter the email and the amount then click Review.
h) Enter your birth date in format Day, Month, Year, and then click Submit.