Why Us?


Summary of What we Do

Find new Campaigns or They Finds Us

Screen for Profitability & do Due Diligence on the Clients

Gather Details About the Campaign/Process

Get the Contract Signed With the Client & the Centers or With VP & the Centers

Create the Search Engine Optimized Webpage on This Website With the Campaign/ Process Details

Send out a Newsletter to our Growing Email Subscriber List of Over 3,000 Operating Centers Across the World. Plus share on Skype (ID: VoiceProcess.net) & Facebook status to 100s of warm contacts.

Answer Provider (Contact Center) Queries and Gather Clarifications From the Client as Necessary

Screen Interested Candidates to Select Qualified Provider(s)

Assist the Center in Training as Necessary (Client training preferred)

Support the Center as Necessary in Day to Day Operations to Reach Targets

Client Sends Payment to the Center Directly and royalty to VP (or in some cases VP then Forwards the Payout to the Centers)
Please note: VP will not guarantee payments or make them on behalf of a client but we do our homework on who we will work with and everything in our power to collect. We also encourage the center to do their due dilligence on whoever they plan to sign with BEFORE doing so.

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