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Frequently Asked Questions

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What service do you offer to outsourcing clients?
We help bridge the gap between East and West by offering true turn key outsourcing services for voice campaigns including advertising, screening, interviewing, qualifying, and training of your service provider(s). We help you get the job done right so you can focus on building your core business.

Do you have an inbound, hourly fixed, non-voice campaign?
If it's not on our site we do NOT have it. So PLEASE don't ask us. It is VERY annoying, and we don't play favorites except to our preferred providers who will have preference for any new projects including inbounds IF any are posted on our site.
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Can you give me the login for the Preferred Provider (or client) back office?
There is no login for Preferred Providers. You are simply registered in our system as a Preferred Provider and given first preference for HOT capaigns like inbound when they are posted. There are other benefits as well listed here.

What's your return policy?
As stated on the sign-up forms all sales are final as long as we don't fail to deliver the legitimate process or service (depending) as stated when registering for a particular process.

Can you send me the project details?
The project details are linked to each project listed here.

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Where is your office?
U.S. Mailing Address:
Laguna Beach, CA

Operations Office:
Bacolod, Philippines

Liaison Office:

The easiest way to reach us is in Skype:

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