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Telstra Telecom Australia Appointment Setting Campaign
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This campaign should yield at least 4-5 appointments per day per agent and is a long term one. B2B PROVEN agents ONLY. Direct call centers ONLY. NO brokers / middle men.

- Current Telstra Customer OR Interested to Switch With 3 Months OR LESS on Current Contract
- Interested for the Appointment

Excellent English speaking nuetral accent team of 5+ agents to start required. Quality is a MUST. "Forcing" invalid leads will not be tolerated.
Stable Broadband and clear route VoIP.
One responsible person has to be available on Skype for Voice Chat during calling hours (NO EXCUSE). Contract can and may be cancelled if not up to the requirements.

Areas of Dialling: Victoria

Process Type: B2B Appointment Setting

Industry: Telecom

Data: Not provided, but we give you a source for how and where to get accurate free leads

Payout: $17 AUS

Payment Mode: Bank Wire, PayPal, or Western Union

Payment Frequency: 3 Weeks 1st payout then bi-weekly.

Payment Terms: 1st to 15th paid 22nd. 16th to 30th paid 7th.

Training: 1 hour on Skype

Shift Hours: Mon to Sat 9-5 Victoria Time

Reporting: On Portal Within 24 Hours

Approval: Based upon call back appointment verification.

VOIP: NOT Provided (for VoIP & DID go here)

Sales Goal: 3-5+ APD (appointments/ agent/day)

Next Steps to Get Started:

Contact on Skype: if you have any further queries.

1) To qualify for the process you must FIRST gather the following for the Contact Sheet (1st field):

You can use one of the many free file send sites if you wish such as: Do NOT email the attachments or zip the files.

1) A download link to a digital photo or scan of your company / call center registration in English.
2) A link to 2-3 Recent mp3 b2c recordings on a server NOT emailed. Do NOT bog our inbox with heavy attachments or you'll be blocked.
2) Complete the Contact Sheet.
3) Upon client approval agreement will be sent, then training will be scheduled.