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Spectrum Sales Campaign USA

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This is a large, established telecom company in the U.S. with very competative offers and offering up to $500 to buy a customer out of their contract with a competitor. Previous experience with voice, sales, or satellite sales, is REQUIRED. Chargebacks are taken from weekly payouts. Client Dealer is a PROVEN Dealer with a STRONG RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY Track Record! For services to sell details click here.

Direct Centers ONLY. No brokers/middlemen.

Excellent English speaking team with a minimum of 10 agents required. Quality is a MUST. "Forcing" invalid leads will not be tolerated.
Broadband and clear route VoIP and a DID number that can actually be called back by the customer as necessary.
One responsible person has to be available on Skype for Voice Chat during calling hours (NO EXCUSE). Contract can and may be cancelled if not up to the requirements.
$50 Up-Front Deposit to get the Campaign and End Client Dealer Relationship & Eliminate Time Wasters and Brokers. NO EXCEPTIONS! This deposit will be returned with 1st payout. We're interested in PRODUCTION not up fronts.

Areas of Dialling: Nationwide

Process Type: Outbound B2C

Industry: Telecom/ Entertainment

Data: Not Provided

Price: Competatively Priced Packages

Payout per Qualified Install:

Note: Each product counts as 1 unit. For example phone & internet = 2. Triple play = 3. So 75 units could be reached with just 25 customers.

Low Tier: 1-74 Units Installed Weekly
Single Product (Internet or TV): $20.00
Triple Play Bonus: $40.00
New 3play Customer: $100.00

Top Tier 75+: Units Installed Weekly
Single Product (Internet or TV): $30.00
Triple Play Bonus: $50.00
New 3play Customer: $140.00

Payment Mode: Bank Wire

Payment Frequency: Weekly With 2 Weeks Arears: 3 Weeks to 1st payout then weekly for installs

Training: In-House With Support Provided via Skype

Shift Hours: 9:00 AM - 8:00 or 9:00 PM (as per state laws) Mon-Sat

Posting: Web Form/ CRM Post With Recording. Internal QA audit of each recording per sale submitted is a MUST.

Reporting & Approval: Daily Email reports.

Sales Goal: 1-2/ Day Per Agent to Start

VOIP: NOT Provided (for VoIP/ DID/ Dialer Click Here)

Stability of Process:
Min. 1 Year

Next Steps to Get Started:
1) Skype: if you have any further queries.

To qualify for the process
you must FIRST gather the following for the Contact Sheet:
You can use one of the many free file send sites if you wish such as: Do NOT email the attachments as it bogs down our inbox.

1) A download link to a digital photo or scan of your company / call center registration in English. Contact if you don't have one.
2) A link to 2-3 Recent mp3 b2c recordings on a server NOT emailed. Do NOT bog our inbox with heavy attachments or you'll be blocked.
2) Mesage on Skype with the above requirements.
3) Upon client approval agreement will be emailed.