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UK Personal Injury Claims Lead Campaign

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Personal injury lead generation campaign for all injury types such as auto, trips, and slips.

We are taking All states like NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, WA except Victoria unless serious injury for this state. Few points below to understand

1) Insurance gives limit to claimants to claim like within 6 months in New South Wales, Queensland and 9 months in South Australia state. These claims will be accepted quickly for payments if client client can get medical report same week or as soon as possible.

2) All client's must visit their own doctor after the accident if not then should attend to get medical report.

3) If own doctor fails to provide medical report then claim can be rejected.

4) Claims will be taken outside 6 and 9 months limit and client will be asked to attend medical and if doctor gives the medical report and insurance accepts that report then it's accepted.

5) It will be ideal if client says he/she is still suffering.

6) All client's will be attended by solicitors and acceptance or rejection report or full report will be provided what client tells the solicitor after meeting.

7) Click to view claim sheet.

Reasons for Rejected Claim:
- Missing medical report
- Missing thirdy details
- Not reported to police
- Fabricated by client side


Minimum 5 seats to start off. Excellent English speaking and listening skilled agents along with TL, and QA representative. Predictive dialer and a DID number to receive inbound calls in the event that customers need to call back.
Crystal clear VOIP
Ample broadband bandwidth for each agent on download and upload.
One responsible person has to be available on Skype for Voice Chat during calling hours (NO EXCUSE).
Contract can a be cancelled if quality criteria is not met.

Process Type: B2C (Consumer).

Areas of Dialing: Australia

Shift Hours: AEST

Leads: Not Provided.

Price: NA

Payout: $300 AUS Per Approved Lead

Pay Frequency: Bi-Weekly Net 4. Mon-Sat production, invioce Mon, paid Fri

Reporting: Weekly report will be provided on each Friday. Daily reports can be provided upon request via email.

Training: Provided.

VOIP & DID: Not Provided

Sales Target Assigned per Agent:
2-3 Leads/ Day

Stability of Process: Minimum 12-24 Months.

Next Steps to Get Started:
1) Skype: if you have any further queries.

To qualify for the process
you must FIRST gather the following for the Contact Sheet:
You can use one of the many free file send sites if you wish such as: Do NOT email the attachments as it bogs down our inbox.

1) A download link to a digital photo or scan of your company / call center registration in English. Contact if you don't have one.
2) A link to 2-3 Recent mp3 b2c recordings on a server NOT emailed. Do NOT bog our inbox with heavy attachments or you'll be blocked.
2) Complete the Contact Sheet.
3) Upon client approval agreement will be emailed.