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B2B Energy Sales Lead Generation Campaign USA

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This is an energy deregulation campaign where you are reducing customers gas bills. Vista offers a GUARANTEED lower rate than their public utility. Your center will act as fronters for the US center that will do the "heavy lifting". All you need to do is get the customer's interest in lowering their electricity / gas bill. A best rate to save customers 15-40% off their rate from one of the top energy companies.

Excellent English speaking team with a minimum of 10 agents required. Quality is a MUST. "Forcing" invalid leads will not be tolerated. We are ONLY interested in QUALITY EXCLUSIVE leads. If quality falls below our high standards the contract will be cancelled. We require mock call recordings of the agents which will dial for approval. NO freshers.
Stable Broadband and clear route VoIP and a DID number that can actually be called back by the customer as necessary.
One responsible person has to be available on Skype for Voice Chat during calling hours (NO EXCUSE). Contract can and may be cancelled if not up to the requirements.

Areas of Dialling: NY, NJ, CA, IL, & Other States, USA

Process Type: Outbound B2B

Industry: Energy

Data: Not Provided. Contact for data.

Price: No cost for the customers although they may have to pay a
contract termination fee.

Payout per Converted Lead to Sale: 15% of commission one annual bill received by supplier. of EX: $1,000 X 15%= $150. This is for a medium sized account such as Bakery, Grocery Stores, Churches, etc.

Payment Mode: Bank Wire

Payment Frequency: 1st payment 21 days and weekly here after

Training: In-House With Support Provided

Shift Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mon-Fri

Posting: Web Form Post

Reporting & Approval: Daily Email/ Skype reports.

Leads Goal: 2-4+/ agent/ Day

VOIP: NOT Provided (for VoIP/ DID/ Dialer Click Here)

Stability of Process:
Min. 1 Year

Next Steps to Get Started:

1) Skype: if you have any further queries.

To qualify for the process
you must FIRST gather the following for the Contact Sheet:
You can use one of the many free file send sites if you wish such as: Do NOT email the attachments as it bogs down our inbox.

1) A download link to a digital photo or scan of your company / call center registration in English. Contact if you don't have one.
2) A link to 2-3 Recent mp3 b2c recordings on a server NOT emailed. Do NOT bog our inbox with heavy attachments or you'll be blocked.
2) Complete the Contact Sheet.
3) Upon approval agreement will be emailed.